Copy Parameter


General Information:

Version: 1.4

Support: Revit 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Discipline: Common

Developed By: Virtual Projects


The Add-In copies a parameter value to another parameter, for each element of the selected category, in the active project.


1.      Run the Add-In

2.      Choose the required Category

3.      Choose Source Parameter Type, whether it’s a Type or an Instance Parameter

4.      Choose Source Parameter Name, from a list of available parameters

5.      Choose the target parameter Type and Name

6.      Press ‘Apply’

7.      When processing is done a message will appear with the results




·        The Add-In will copy the value as it is seen in the properties, for example, if you are copying from the Area to a text parameter, if the Area is shown as 10 m2 it will be pasted to comments as 10 m2. If the Area is shown 10 it will be pasted in comments 10

·        The Add-In will replace any available value in the Target Parameter