Section on Element


General Information:

Discipline: Common

Developed By: Virtual Projects



Create section view parallel or perpendicular to selected element.


1.      Run the Add-In

2.      Edit “Section on element” Settings Form

a.   Section Naming:

-         Set the name and number of the new section

b.   Section View Properties:

-         Set the required scale

-         Choose the section view type

-         Assign section view template (if required)

c.    Section Placement:

-         Determine the orientation of the section either (perpendicular or parallel to the element)

-         if parallel: specify the section offset distance from the element’s center line

-         Determine whether the section should orient to the bottom-left side or the top-right side of the element


Section oriented to the bottom-left side                                  

Section oriented to the top-right side



Section placed at center line,

oriented to the bottom-left side

Section placed at 100mm from center line,  

 oriented to the top-right side               

3.      Section Extents from Element:

It determines the dimensions of the viewport with respect to the element.



4.      Click Pick button to pick a point on a Line Based Element

5.      A section view is now created and ready for any further edits

6.      When done press Esc button to end the picking process

7.      close the form


Make sure that the new section name is not used by another view (a warning message will appear)


·       To create multiple sections simultaneously, un-select “open section after selection” option

·       Elements can be picked from any view (floor plan, 3d view, section view…)

·       User specified values will be saved


·       The add-in won’t work for non-linear elements (ex: floors)

·       You can’t navigate between views once you press the “pick button”

·       If you can’t run the app at first use, please try the following:

o   Right-click Start, then select Run. Type regedit in the Open: box, and then select OK

o   Navigate to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Section View and delete the Section View folder